BroadSpan has a proven track record of successful M&A advisory transactions across a range of countries and industries where we have acted on the sell-side, the buy-side and on merger transactions.

  • Buy-Side Advisory - In a buy-side engagement BroadSpan Capital will seek to assist the Company’s shareholders in a successful acquisition. The goal of this process is to obtain the most attractive possible valuation of the target. A variety of strategies depending on confidentiality needs and time-sensitivity can be used to complete a successful acquisition: negotiated acquisition, multiple-round auction or unsolicited approach.
  • Sell-Side Advisory - A sell-side M&A engagement is the process through which BroadSpan Capital seeks to maximize a company’s value by executing a full or partial sale to a third party. The goal of this process is to efficiently meet the objectives of shareholders and maximize the valuation of the company being sold. Based on the client’s needs, a sell-side engagement can proceed through a variety of different mechanisms: full or partial sale, joint venture, spin-off or split-off.


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