Debt Restructuring – Creditor Representation


BroadSpan provides advisory services to individual creditors and creditor groups with exposure to Latin America and Caribbean based borrowers involved in restructuring, bankruptcy and other distressed situations.

We provide a range of advisory services that enable creditors, bondholder committees, and lender groups to clearly evaluate the risks, opportunities and alternatives associated with a borrower’s restructuring plan. In many cases, BroadSpan works on behalf of creditors to preemptively engage the borrower with the objective of maximizing overall recovery.

BroadSpan’s creditor representation services include the following:

  • Organize formation of working creditor groups.
  • Lead negotiations on behalf of creditors, acting as a point of contact with the borrower and their advisors.
  • Assist in the negotiation of immediate forbearance agreements, waivers or amendments.
  • Review short-term cash flow projections as well as perform a comprehensive debt sustainability analysis.
  • Perform business and collateral valuations and analysis of potential enhancements.
  • Assess restructuring proposals and compare with alternatives including liquidation.
  • Together with legal counsel, define a clear and efficient process strategy.
  • Coordinate process timeline and drafting of related documentation.
  • Participate in all legal, exchange period and solicitation processes required for closing.
  • Monitor post restructuring performance of the borrower.


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